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Sweet Water Tanker in Dubai:

We provide a sweet water tanker in Dubai and we provide water for swimming pools. No matter where the swimming pool is located whether it is an indoor, outdoor, gym or a public pool we provide our services. As we all know, that over time water that is used in pools is often left unfiltered and unhygienic which can lead to some serious health problems. Contaminated water can be ingested which can lead to further detrimental consequences for its users.

Our sweet water supply in Dubai is very well treated and filtered according to international standards. Water, if left untreated for long can house some serious diseases such as Brain-eating amoeba, which modern science has no known cure for.  According to a study by the US National Library of Medicine (National Institutes of health) Viruses are a major cause of water-borne diseases and swimming pools are a hotspot for such know diseases. Time and time again we have heard of the Dengue virus which is carried by mosquitoes and has origins in the sub-continent. The dengue virus is born when water is left to collect and it becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes which leaves its larvae in the contaminated water which then leads to an outbreak of dengue-carrying mosquitoes. There are numerous water-borne diseases that have had its period of major outbreaks around the globe but were put down eventually. But, there are diseases which are still actively found in swimming pool water around the globe and these diseases have no known cure, so, in light of all these various threats which are related to contaminated water it is essential that we take care of ourselves and be vigilant of our surroundings because more often than ought we turn a blind eye to these threats which then lead to negative consequences for us and our loved ones.

Sweet Water Supply in Dubai:

Especially, in a city like Dubai where the hot and humid weather makes it essential for its inhabitants to find ways to cool down which can lead to extensive use of swimming pools and more often than ought we tend not to stop and think twice about the cleanliness of water that we are stepping into which is understandable but at the same time we should take into account the fact that our negligence can lead to severe consequences for those that are around us. There are several types of pools that we provide services for, such as:

Indoor pools

These pools are located indoors and often have a heating system attached to it but at the same time due to lack of exposure to sunlight this water can turn as infectious as sewage water. So, it becomes vital to take care of the cleanliness and hygiene of the water in it. Moreover, there are insects and other rodents that can crawl their way into the pool and contaminate it with various severe diseases and at times even infect the water with life-threatening diseases.

Outdoor Pools

Outdoor pools are situated all over Dubai and are often left exposed to all sorts of elements of the climate. The water becomes contaminated over time and often accumulates a lot of pollution in it which can lead to severe breathing diseases and other lung-related diseases

Competitive Pools

Pools that are used for competitive swimming are a thrill for the spectators to watch but at the same time can become a threat for the heroes that people come from far and away to watch. Pools with several people in it at the same time as a larger threat than most people realize because even if one of the people in the pool has a disease that is spreadable than water in the pool becomes a perfect host for such diseases. We have heard of several cases of people getting sick from being in the pools for too long, these cases were when investigated it was found out that one of the people that were in the pool at the time was sick which led to a spread of the disease through the pool water.

Hot tubs and Spa pools

We live in times where there are a constant hustle and bustle, we don’t have time for ourselves and we do actually find time to relax it is then that we look for ways to relax and let off some steam off of ourselves. In situations like these spas and hot tubs provide an excellent way to relax and relieve our ever-tiring stress. We should keep in mind that a spa is used by various people and they all may have a disease that could contaminate the water that is used in the pool. So, it becomes absolutely vital to change the water in there.

Gym Pools

We use gyms to take care of our bodies and at the same time let off some mental steam. At times, we go to gyms with our buddies with we workout and it is during that time we hop on into the pool without thinking twice about its hygiene. Before going into the pool we often shower ourselves clean but still, there is still some sweat as our body still continues to precipitate, even as we are in the pool. So, the pool water starts to become contaminated with precipitation of several people which can become a perfect host for diseases that could be of various severities.

We, at Sweet Water Tanker in Dubai, provide our services so that you don’t have to worry about anything, with our state of the art machinery and expert knowledge on water hygiene we let enjoy those precious moments with your loved ones without having to worry about the diseases in your pool water. Moreover, we have a clientele, to whom we provide our services and they have been a fan of our work. At, Sweet Water Tanker we strive for the satisfaction of customers because to us it is absolutely vital to take care of our customers. So, avail of our services in Dubai and let us take care of you.

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